Cambodia raincoat production

Cambodia raincoat production

Cambodia raincoat production

Cambodia raincoat production

In the means of transportation, motorbikes also play an important role in the daily life of Cambodians. Therefore, in Cambodia, there is a huge demand for motorcycle raincoats. And Vietnam is the main producer of raincoats for Cambodia. Especially the raincoat production facilities in Ho Chi Minh City

Cambodia raincoat production

Companies in Cambodia or businesses in Vietnam have demand for raincoat production, please contact:


Representative office: Ward 108 Topaz Elite apartment building, ward 4, district 8, HCMC

Tax code: 3401186170  – Phone: 0909,384,144



Working form:

Please call immediately 0909.384.144 to make inquiries about raincoat style, design, quantity. We will design, consult the production price, production time -> Minh Chau company sends raincoat samples according to the design or fabric samples for customers to confirm -> make a contract -> manufacture -> delivery.

Cambodia raincoat production

Cambodia produce raincoat Cambodia raincoat

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